“Seven children seemed like a lot, but it never, ever seemed like too many” – Company Road

Brothers & Sisters will drive each other to insanity and beyond, but in the same breath, they will die for each other. It is truly an infinite anomalous bond unlike any other and when you inject a shared love of music into that bond-line it strengthens it beyond understanding.
The four MacDonald siblings that make up the group Company Road have that bond and it is clearly obvious when they perform, interact and harmonize…and it will please you….even more so if you consider the fact that they may have recently tried to strangle each other back stage! : ) Kelly Jean, Mitch, Gordie & Brennan absolutely love singing and performing together and there is certainly something uniquely magical about watching them.
They were raised in Port Hood on beautiful Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. A place deeply rooted in Scottish, Gaelic heritage, where stepdancing and kitchen parties are like snacks and although traditional Cape Breton fiddle music and dance is undeniably in their blood, Country music was a staple in their home growing up. George Jones, Vern Gosdin, Waylon & Willie, Merle, Tammy, Dolly, Loretta, Alan Jackson, Bobby Bare, John Prine….these are the osmosis voices they know so well. Voices that drifted from the record player and AM radio, down the hall, past the only bathroom and into the ears of Cecil & Mary Janet’s seven children…and it shows that they still have a genuine sense of love for that music and all descendant Country to Americana and Indie-Folk music that has followed.
Brothers Brennan (Kilt; Gin & Juice; Crossfire) and Mitch (2nd place Canadian Idol Season 6) are no strangers to the stage having performed all over the nation and beyond and shared stages with the likes of Bryan Adams, Natalie MacMaster, Mariah Carey, Great Big Sea, Chantal Kreviazuk, Jason McCoy, Tom Jackson, Matt Andersen, just to name a few. Gordie & Kelly Jean however have only recently been convinced to come out of the kitchen and bring their talents to the stage….and none will disappoint. All bringing their own individual style and voice to their music, from Kelly Jean’s amazing control and power, to Gordie’s incredible sense of harmony, Mitch’s soft indie-esque vibe and Brennan’s musical comfort and writing combined with family humour and personality…you’ll be in good company.